Crafting and Maximizing Innovative Product Ideas

Join Vedran Rasic, Founder of LeadDelta, in an illuminating discussion on crafting and maximizing innovative product ideas. Discover how Vedran and his team harness creativity and customer insights to generate groundbreaking concepts. Learn firsthand how they translate these ideas into actionable strategies, fueling LeadDelta's growth and delivering unparalleled value to customers. Gain invaluable tips and techniques to supercharge your own product innovation journey.

Vedran Rasic

Founder at LeadDelta

Vedran Rasic, CEO and Co-Founder of LeadDelta (No. 1 SAAS '22 Product Hunt), boasts a rich background in business development, project management, and SaaS growth. From co-founding Autoklose to directing marketing efforts at VanillaSoft, Vedran's expertise fuels success across diverse ventures. As an advisor at Joberty and angel investor at Orgnostic, Vedran's impact resonates throughout the startup ecosystem.

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