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Product Hall is an online school to learn product management. Everything you need to ship digital products that you have full control over. No templates and no dull lessons.

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Why Product Hall

The foundation, tools, and 1:1 mentorship to advance your product management career

We support new and aspiring product managers with the knowledge, tools, and resources to succeed via our
10 week online course and lifetime personalized mentorship.

Hands-on Practical Learning

Learn and apply the theory, tools, and frameworks to succeed in product management

Experienced instructors

Instructors from top tech firms with practical examples of knowledge application


1:1 mentorship throughout and community assistance upon completion

Who is Product Hall for?
Aspiring product managers

Learn the product development process in detail, frameworks and tools to succeed, and have support along your journey

Current product managers

Complete your knowledge gaps with relevant industry tools and frameworks to build better products and succeed with your team

Business managers & executive leaders

Build and execute effective product strategies that will lead to business success


Take your idea from conception to launch to establish a financially sustainable business

“Quadri was very thorough in his teaching style and his calm and well paced demeanour made it easy to grasp concepts that were new to me. He was always open to helping out and answering questions, and was a great resource as I made the leap into Product Management.”

Camila Gargantini

Senior Product Operations Manager



What you’ll learn

More than the fundamentals

Defining the makeup of a good product and the various roles and responsibilities of a product manager throughout all stages of the product lifecycle

Understanding your users

Using customer development to work effectively with your users and customers to understand their needs, deliver value, and achieve product-market fit

Strategic thinking skills

Research skills and industry frameworks with practical examples to build strategic thinking skills to achieve customer and business goals

Designing your product

Product prioritization methods and designing great products with functionality that enables users to easily, delightfully, and efficiently perform key tasks

Agile methodologies

Lean, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, XP, and more. Learn the various methods that are used to manage specialized delivery teams to build great products

Technology and Software

Understand how technology works, the fundamentals of software development, and how to work effectively with software developers to build products

Getting a Job

Effectively brand yourself, craft an effective cover letter and resume, ace your interview, and additional tips and techniques to reach your career goals

Course syllabus

A 10 week engaging online course covering the fundamentals of product management. Hands-on practical learning with lessons from experienced instructors and assistance throughout.

A unique and tailored product program

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"I took a product management course with Quadri and can honestly say it was crucial in helping me secure my first PM role. Quadri was a great teacher, not only covering the theory but also in giving us great hands on experience putting the theory to practice. He was also patient and always willing to answer our questions as they came.”

Jamie Costello

Director of Product




Hear from our alumni

Meet your head instructor

Quadri Oshibotu

Quadri has over 8 years of experience as a Product Manager spanning the business-to-consumer and agency space working on products that solve multiple use cases for various industries. He is passionate about creating great products that have a positive impact on people's lives and helping people grow through teaching, training, and mentorship.

With over 6 years of teaching experience, including 3+ years as a Lead Product Management Instructor at General Assembly, the pioneer in education and career transformation, he has given over 50 live product management workshops introducing the fundamentals of product management to more than 1,000 people. His past students have worked at companies across a variety of industries including Intuit, Loblaw Digital, Telus, McKinsey, TD, and more.

He founded Product Hall to assist new and aspiring product managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, by equipping them with the knowledge, tools, industry relevant frameworks, and mentorship support they need to build better products and accomplish business and professional goals.

Years of experience




Lessons taught


"Quadri is a thoughtful PM teacher and more importantly practitioner up to date with trends and frameworks necessary for success. Quadri's style is engaging and process driven. Through 1:1 coaching he helped me to overcome product obstacles my team and I encountered. I always look forward to hearing Quadri's reasoning on Business/Product related challenges."

Vedran Rasic




Quadri's students work at top tech firms

"Quadri was always driven to support and train me when I was starting out in my first Product Management position. Taking his course taught me critical thinking skills, sharp prioritization techniques, and so much more, which have benefited me in my career to date. His guidance and knowledge allowed me to further develop my PM skills and land my current role. The way he instructs is very clear, sharp, and patient and I highly recommend taking his courses if you get a chance."

Valeria Khokhlova

Senior Product Manager


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A book on shipping products people love

A complete guide on creating products that people love is a comprehensive reference to learn the theory, steps, advice, and tools, to ship great products.

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