Certify your product knowledge

Hands-on practical learning, lessons from industry professionals, & lifetime support

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Program Highlights

  • Lifetime 1:1 mentorship
  • Project-based Learning
  • Supportive Community
  • Guest Instructors
  • Dedicated Career Support
  • Modern LMS

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Tues. 6:30pm - 8:30pm (EST)
  • Aug 13th - Oct. 15th
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Access Program

The foundation, tools, and 1:1 mentorship to advance your product management career


This 10-week engaging online course covers more than the fundamentals of product management, with hands-on practical learning, lessons from industry professionals, & lifetime 1:1 personal mentorship.

Who is this program for?

  1. Aspiring product managers who want to certify their knowledge, gain relevant experience & personalized 1:1 mentorship to break into the role
  2. New product managers who want formal product knowledge to understand their key responsibilities, build impactful products with their teams, and excel in their career

What you’ll get with this program

  • Live product management instruction with project-based learning
  • Deep dives and exercises on various product management topics
  • Bonus lessons from experienced product leaders
  • Personalized job preparation with our career services team
    • Resume preparation and review
    • Interview preparation and feedback
    • Support throughout the entire interview process
  • Lifetime career support and mentorship
  • Product management certificate
  • Our product management book
  • The Tech Toolkit program
What you'll Learn

Much more than the basics!

Hands-on practical learning with lessons from experienced instructors & lifetime assistance

Product strategy

Leverage strategy to tackle problems and deliver solutions that drive customer and business impact, with Jobs to Be Done and the Value Proposition Canvas

Metrics & KPIs

The importance of product roadmaps, crafting and communicating them, the tools to leverage, and measuring success via OKRs and KPIs

Agile methodologies

Lean, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, XP, and more. Learn the various methods that are used to work with specialized delivery teams to build great products

Stakeholder management

Work with cross-functional stakeholders to deliver and drive impact, lead specialized teams with influence, and effectively communicate with leaders

Customer development

Using customer development to work effectively with your users and customers to understand their needs, deliver value, and achieve product-market fit

MVPs & product market fit

Product prioritization methods and designing great products with functionality that enables users to effectively, delightfully, and efficiently perform key tasks

Product design

The key principles of product design, how a product manager supports the design team and process, and how design ties into the product development cycle

Technology & Software

Understand how software and technology works, and how product leaders effectively work with and support engineering teams to build digital products

Excelling in your career

Effectively brand yourself, craft an effective cover letter and resume, ace your interviews, and additional tips and techniques to excel in your product career

Hear From Our Alumni

The best part is the lifelong mentorship. Excited to keep building our relationship as I'm guided through my PM career.

Daniyal N.

Product Analyst at OceanMD

I never do online reviews, but I can't express enough gratitude to the great effect Quadri has had on my product career!

James R.

Sr. Consultant at Thoughtworks

Quadri is knowledgeable, well spoken, and provided great real life examples to reinforce and simplify the information.

Keenan H.

Product Manager at Vena Solution

My favourite thing about this course is that it comes with lifetime mentorship. The benefit is forever without any conditions.

Siddharth Gupta

Senior Consultant at Capgemini

This course was well-structured, thought-provoking and each lecture was really engaging. Quadri is an expert is in his field.

Sumaiya Sayed

Product Manager at Telus

I wanted to move to a Senior PM position, Product Hall provided me with the right knowledge and skill set to do just that.

Taha Ramy

Product Manager at Samsung

Certify your Product management skills

Product management certificate awarded upon completion of the program

Expert Insights

Practical insights from software and product leaders
Nicholas Kanhai
Dir. Product management, Bimm.com
Rohini Widener
Sr. Product Manager, homebase
Ved Rasic
founder, LeadDelta
Ryan Demelo
dir. Product Marketing, Eco Online
Valeria Khokhlova
Sr. Product manager, Smart rectruiters
Will Vuong
pm, Meta

The Leading Choice

We offer a personalized, tailored, and unique product management program
Product School
8 weeks
Guest Instructors
1:1 Support
Lifetime Coaching
$4,799 USD
general assembly
10 weeks
Guest Instructors
1:1 Support
Lifetime Coaching
$3,250 USD
Product Hall
10 weeks
Guest Instructors
1:1 Support
Lifetime Coaching
$3,100 USD

Project-based learning

Put the product knowledge gained into practice by solving real-world and meaningful problems

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills will I have once I complete this product management course?


A full understanding of the product development lifecycle, the responsibilities of a product manager and their team in each stage, the steps to take and techniques to use for success, and more. 

Whether you’re interested in product management, you’re a current product manager, or you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ll learn how to build, launch, and support impactful products that reach customer and business goals.

Check out our detailed syllabus for everything that our Access program has to offer.

How does this product management course compare to others?


Product Hall is one of the leading product management bootcamps. Our goal is to provide the knowledge, resources, connections, and tools to assist product practitioners with building impactful products and reaching their career goals.

Check out the competitive matrix here to see how the Access program compares to other bootcamps. You can also hear directly from our alumni on their experience here.

What is the format of this course?


This is a 10-week, part-time, online, live-interactive, and engaging course. There is one live class per week with in class discussions, activities, and Q&A. Throughout the week there are readings, assignments, and one-on-one sessions with the head instructor.