Scaling Your Product Career

Discover the path to scaling your product career with Nicholas Kanhai, Director of Product at BIMM. From entry-level to senior leadership, Nicholas will share his journey and insights into navigating the product management career landscape. Learn how to craft an effective personal growth plan and take calculated steps to achieve your product carer goals. Join Nicholas as he empowers you to elevate your career to new heights in the dynamic world of product management.‍

Nicholas Kanhai

Director of Product Management at

Nicholas Kanhai, Director of Product Management at, drives transformative growth through technical solutions. With expertise at BIMM,, Bounteous Canada, and Demac Media, he excels in nurturing talent and optimizing product delivery. Passionate about community impact, Nicholas contributes to organizations like the Toronto Humane Society and VentureKids, blending technical prowess with social responsibility.

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