Key Ingredients of a Winning Product Strategy

Join Malte Scholz, CPO and Co-Founder of airfocus, in unraveling the essential elements of a successful product strategy. Learn firsthand from his expertise as he delves into aligning customer needs with business objectives, prioritizing features, and optimizing product roadmaps. Discover the key ingredients that fuel airfocus's success and gain invaluable insights to elevate your own product strategy game.

Malte Scholz

Co-Founder, CEO & CPO at airfocus

Malte Scholz, CEO, CPO, and co-founder of airfocus, leads a journey from product management to pioneering a trusted platform used by 800+ global companies. With a background as a Senior Product Manager at ePages and co-founder of welevel, Malte's dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial spirit drive innovation in SaaS and mobile technologies.

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