Product Access Conference

July 3, 2024

Elevate your product skills, harness actionable product insights, and gain wisdom from product pioneers

Sharpen Your Product Practice

Participate in our inaugural live online Product Access Conference, where you can enhance your product skills, leverage practical product insights, and learn from seasoned product practitioners.

Elevate Your Product Skills

Transform your expertise and stay ahead in the competitive landscape

Harness Actionable Product Insights

Command the tools you need to drive real results and make a lasting impact

Absorb Wisdom from Pioneers

Immerse yourself in the knowledge of industry leaders, paving your way to success

Connect and Prosper Online

Forge connections with peers, potential mentors, and industry influencers

Supercharge Your Career Trajectory

Set yourself apart as the go-to professional for promotions and lucrative opportunities

Fuel Your Product Practice

Discover fresh, game-changing ideas that will conquer your work challenges head-on

Expert Insights

Skilled product practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience, offering valuable insights into the latest industry trends, best practices, and strategies for effective product development and management
Malte Scholz
Co-Founder, CEO & CPO at airfocus
A Product leader and entrepreneur with deep product knowledge and a track record of developing SaaS and mobile tech
Valeria Khokhlova
Head of Product At Bloom
an experienced product mentor and leader whose passion lies in building empowered teams to solve real-world User Problems
Ved Rasic
Founder & CEO at LeadDelta
Founder of LeadDelta, the #1 Professional Relationships CRM and No. 1 SaaS '22 Product Hunt
teaches GTM strategies that work
Nicholas Kanhai
Director of product at
a seasoned leader who passionately develops people, relationships, and drives growth through Technology
Ryan Demelo
dr. product marketing at ecoonline
Ryan focuses on product-market fit as the core foundation for scaling growth and providing a customer-centric GTM approach.
Quadri Oshibotu
sr. PM AT EcoOnline
brings years of experience supporting Technology based businesses and driving growth through product initiatives

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Let’s Meet the Head Instructor

Quadri Oshibotu

Quadri has over 10 years of experience as a Product Manager spanning the business-to-consumer and agency space working on products that solve multiple use cases for various industries. He’s passionate about creating great products that have a positive impact on people's lives and helping people grow through teaching, training, and mentorship.

He founded Product Hall to assist new and aspiring product managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders, by equipping them with the knowledge, tools, industry relevant frameworks, and mentorship support they need to build better products and accomplish business and professional goals.

Global Product Impact

Alumni 1

I took the knowledge provided and applied it in a variety of different settings. I have grown through the PM ranks as a result.

Alumni 2

This is more than just a place to get a certificate. If you want to get a kickstart in your PM career, this is the place you need to be!

Alumni 3

I wanted to move to a Senior PM position, Product Hall provided me with the right knowledge and skill set to do just that.

Alumni 4

Product Hall has given me such a great base. I feel a lot more confident in my own work now that I have the knowledge to back it up.

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Praise for "Product Hall"

Hear what the global community has to say about our offerings
Jeremy Glassenberg
Lead Product Manager, Docusign

A comprehensive guide for the essential topics one needs to know to be effective as a product manager, from work products to cross-functional relationships. No fluff, and covering the key concepts every good product manager needs to know.

Sandrine Bitton
Lead Program Manager, Snap

If you ever wondered about product management or if you're a curious experienced product manager, this is the book for you! A practical guide that goes from theory to the actual life cycle step by step.

Michael Luskind
Trainer, Mind the Product

Quadri has produced a solid survey of the fundamentals of product management. Best for those interested in product management or new to the role.

Doris Hernandez
Chief Product Officer, Ryte

Whether you are an aspiring product manager or you have industry experience, this book is THE guide for any product manager. As a Chief of Product I wish I had the chance to find a book like this when I started my career. Quadri manages to encapsulate every single aspect of product management in a compelling and concise way. From product requirements to the Product Life Cycle to stakeholder management, this book will add value for any product manager out there!

July 3, 2024


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