5 Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur These Days

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EZ Sowmmo


March 14, 2024

Benefits of becoming an entrepreneur

Kingston University London has a strong reputation for business. It focuses on entrepreneurship, with practical lessons and industry links. In 2019, it had the most graduate start-ups of any UK university, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

At the International Study Centre, you will start to build the skills you need to succeed in business and progress to a degree at Kingston University London when you complete your programme.

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who sets up and runs businesses. They may be an inventor: someone who has created a new product or service. It is a job which requires creativity, patience, great communication skills, and confidence.

Askar built a successful business with the skills he gained at Kingston. Watch his story here.

Why become an entrepreneur?

There are many reasons to consider entrepreneurship, from its freedom and flexibility to the job satisfaction it can offer.

Be your own boss

If you’re someone who likes to be in control, this is the career for you. You will make all the key decisions in the running of your business. You can have colleagues and advisors but ultimately, the running of the business is your responsibility. It’s a chance to practise great leadership and get the best out of others too.

Potentially unlimited income

Unlike working for a company, where your salary is decided by someone else, when you run your own business, your income is decided by you alone. If you work hard and the business is a success, you can reward yourself. Being an entrepreneur is high risk, high reward – you could make millions, or you could make nothing at all. But the earning potential is higher than almost any other career.

Choose when and where you work

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most flexible jobs that exists. You set your own timetable, judging when to work hard and knowing when to take a break. It’s a real gift to be able to fit a job around your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

Make a living doing what you love

Start-ups are some of the most exciting and fast-moving places to work. Things are constantly changing, so you won’t get bored. You will enjoy the challenge of competing against other companies to provide the best service or product to your customers. You may also be able to create a successful business out of something you are truly passionate about.

Constant growth and development

Being your own boss is not easy and neither is running a business. You will need to be brave, take risks and believe in yourself. You will also need to be able to solve problems and admit when something has gone wrong. Staying positive, thinking creatively and being solution-minded are all valuable skills that will serve you well in life, as well as business.

Choose who you work with

When you run your own business, you build your own team. You can surround yourself with people who share your vision and work the way you want them to. Being able to nurture new talent and get the best out of your colleagues is one of the most rewarding things about being an entrepreneur.

Create a positive impact

Starting and running a business gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact. Whether it's uplifting society, creating jobs in your local community or leading the way in sustainable business and showing others how to protect the environment.

Fulfilling and rewarding

Building your own successful business is a big achievement. It will always have challenges, but this makes it more rewarding when things go well. You will be able to look at your achievements and know that they were due to your own hard work.

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?

A business degree is an amazing way to gather the knowledge and contacts you will need to become an entrepreneur. Choose a pathway programme at Kingston University London International Study Centre. Our programmes prepare you to succeed, combining academic teaching with intensive English language practice. When you complete your programme, you will progress to your chosen business degree at Kingston University London.

Frequently asked questions

What is social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is where you create and fund ventures that address wider social issues. Social entrepreneurs want to use their business skills and knowledge to have a bigger impact in the world, from local communities to wider society.

People often confuse social entrepreneurship with nonprofit organisations, like charities. It is important to note that social entrepreneurship is still focused on making a profit, but there is more focus on changes that benefit people first. From environmental to societal, what you choose to focus on will depend on your own personal interests or a need you have identified through informed research.

Why is entrepreneurship important?

Entrepreneurs create new businesses, which in turn add to national income via taxation. New businesses create new, innovative ideas that could create things that help people in their everyday lives.

If you become a social entrepreneur, your business will have a direct, positive impact on society.

What role does entrepreneurship play in the economy?

All businesses start from an idea, and those ideas can grow and develop into fully-fledged companies that make a profit and have a significant impact on the world. Creating new products and services, in turn, creates new job opportunities and stimulates economic growth.