Product glossary

A list of helpful product terms and definitions

R&D: Research and Development

Actions and initiatives undertaken by businesses to introduce innovative solutions into a market.


A software development term that means rewriting existing code with the purpose of improving it.

Release demo

Demonstrating the latest improvements to a product prior to releasing it to customers.

Release notes

Documentation that is produced alongside the release of a product. It outlines key information about the product as well as what is included in the release.


A meeting held after the release of a product. Team members discuss what went well, what went poorly, and what needs to be improved. Insights from this meeting should be applied when developing and launching future products.

Return visitors

Visitors who come back to your site or application.


A strategic document that informs stakeholders how your business plans on improving a product. Product roadmaps are used for communicating internally and externally what the plans for the product and the business are, plan for resources, position the product the market, align the entire team on specific, focus, and set the product vision for the product.

ROI: Return On Investment

A metric used to calculate the profitability of an undertaken investment.

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