Product glossary

A list of helpful product terms and definitions

Lean canvas

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Lean Software Development

The application of lean principles into software development practices. The 7 lean development principles are: Eliminate waste / Build quality in / Create knowledge / Defer commitment / Deliver fast / Respect people / Optimize the whole


A method that can be used to measure a product's usability. This acronym stands for: / Learnability - How effectively can users learn how to use the product? / Efficiency - How fast can users accomplish their tasks and goals? / Memorability - How easy is it for users to remember how to use the product between their sessions? / Error Management - How clear are errors and issues within the product communicated to users? / Satisfaction - How visually appealing is the product design as a whole for users?

LeSS: Large Scale Scrum

A framework for applying scrum principles to large teams that work together on a single project.

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