Product glossary

A list of helpful product terms and definitions

ICE scoring

An acronym that stands for Impact, Confidence, and Ease of Implementation. ICE scoring is a prioritization method used to determine which ideas a team should focus on.

Idea management

A structured process within a business or team to generate, gather, organize, evaluate, and prioritize ideas from stakeholders.


The process of generating new ideas and solutions on a given topic. It is a stage 3 of the Design Thinking process.

Impact effort matrix

A prioritization method that assesses and ranks proposed solutions based on the impact they can create (value) and the effort associated with the required work.

Impact mapping

A strategic and collaborative visual mapping of the goals of a business and how they intend to achieve those goals. It starts by focussing on the business goals (why), then define the personas that will influence the outcome (who), impact to be created (how), and deliverables (what).

Implicit requirement

Hidden or assumed requirements that users and customers expect a product to have, though not explicitly stated or defined during requirements gathering.

In-app messaging

Targeted notifications that are sent to users inside your product as they use it (mobile app, website, or desktop application).

Incremental innovation

When a business continuously makes small improvements to an existing product or service to wither add further value, or sustain value.


Implementing new ideas or processes that result in new products and services or an improvement in existing products and services.


Software integration is the process of bringing various software parts into one and ensuring that they function well.


Intuitive design is when a user or customer sees your product they know what steps to take. Intuitive design focuses on the user experience and ensures that users are able to accomplish their key goals without any barriers.


A good user story will follow the INVEST model. INVEST is an acronym that stands for: Independent / Negotiable / Valuable / Estimable / Small / Testable


Repeating a process with specific outcomes in mind. For product development this refers to the practice of using feedback gathered from key stakeholders to release changes to the product at regular intervals with the goal of improving the better. Do note that "better” here should have a clear definition with metrics to track.

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