Product glossary

A list of helpful product terms and definitions

Hard skills

Technical knowledge or training in specific areas that can be measured. They can be acquired via training, practice, and repetition. Some key hard skills that product managers should have include research and analysis, product management knowledge, strategic thinking, and technical development principles.

HEART framework

Developed by Google, this framework can be used to improve a product's user experience (UX). UX teams use this framework to focus on specific parts of their product's user experience that they want to improve. HEART is an acronym that stands for:Happiness / Engagement / Adoption / Retention / Task Success. To use this framework a team determines key goals, signals, and metrics for success.

Hook Model

This model describes the process of how businesses can create products and services that become habits in the lives of their users and customers. The model has 4 parts. Trigger / Action / Reward / Investment. Check out the book "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products" by Nir Eyal to learn more.


When competition is so intense among the companies in a market that it creates instability in that market.

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