Product glossary

A list of helpful product terms and definitions

Gantt chart

Used by project planners, gantt charts help teams plan work required around defined deadlines and manage resources throughout the project duration.

GA: General Availability

When a product will be released to the general public. On this date customers and users can acquire the product (or feature) through a company’s normal channels.

Get out of the building

This phrase helps you understand where to focus your energy when performing customer research. In a nutshell it means going to where your customers congregate and speaking to them to validate your hypothesis. This is essential for customer development.

Growth product manager

A product manager who is responsible for leading growth initiatives and making data driven decisions to increase the user base, scale, impact, and sales of a product.

GTM: Go-to-Market Strategy

A company’s plan to convince customers to acquire their product or service while gaining a competitive advantage in their market. It includes many activities and departments including pricing, sales channels, product launches, branding, and more.

Guerilla marketing

Using unconventional marketing methods to increase sales and/or attract attention to a product, brand, or business.

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